Saturday, October 02, 2010

TV Nirvana, Inflated Heroes, Buc Beers

  • It is a glorious weekend for sports addicts. You can start watching college football Saturday morning, continue all afternoon, have the Cyclones on one set and the Hawkeyes on the other at night, catch a west coast game past midnight, take a 2 hour nap, pick up Ryder Cup coverage beginning on channel 13 at 3 a.m., follow that until noon, switch to NFL game 1, followed at 3:15 by game 2, then it's time for Sunday Night Football, Bears-Giants, then cap off the night with SoundOFF. Seek professional help.
  • Temps in Iowa City and Ames will dip into the forties by the second half. Brr. Not ready.
  • The lasting impression of Ken Burns' terrific "Tenth Inning" is just how juiced baseball was for 15 years. The images of McGwire & Sosa in 1998 make me feel duped. The sight of Barry Bonds physical transformation from Bruce Banner to Hulk is ridiculous. At least Bonds knows we didn't enjoy his assault on baseball's cherished home run records.
  • Good to see Regg Simon back leading the Bucs. Place was rocking again Friday night. Buc beer night helped.
  • Johnston's Nathan Depenning scored 10 touchdowns in two weeks. I called that a career.
  • The local community lost a good man in Paul Lane. The Funny Bone owner provided years of laughs for tens of thousands, and he was as nice as they come. I already miss him.

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Anonymous said...

Hey's candy corn season! :) Don't take out all the inventory at the stores!