Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urbandale did what?!

  • Nobody's perfect. Can't believe the Giants knocked the Rangers Cliff Lee out of the game. Easy to tell the country is not gripped with World Series fever, but I for one am glad to see some new blood in there. Sloppy game 1, but still fun.
  • Friday it felt like spring, Wednesday winter. Come on old man, let us ramp up to the misery. the high school football playoffs were COLD.
  • The mostly unneeded round one had a couple of upsets proponents will point to for years: 3-6 Urbandale stunned 9-0 Council Bluffs Abe Lincoln, and 3-6 Waukee surprised 8-1 Ft. Dodge.
  • I loved watching the Celtics beat the Heat on opening night.
  • Matt Gatens tearing a tendon in his non-shooting hand won't ruin Iowa's season---it's a transitional year anyway---but Gatens is a hard worker who always looked like he belonged in the Big Ten, even when others in the Lickliter years did not. Tough bounce for Gatens, I hope he's back soon.
  • I watched Masterpiece Theater this week on PBS. That's a sentence I never thought I'd type. The update of Sherlock Holmes was entertaining.

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The one and only ROOSTER! said...

Pretty sure Gatens is still eligible for a red-shirt, Iowa would be wise to use it here. It's not like Gatens is going to go pro early, and since this year is a throw away year (which it is), Matt and the program will both benefit from it.