Friday, October 29, 2010

Stay classy Florida, Michigan State, Notre Dame

  • Matt Gatens must be a fast healer. In 24 hours he's gone from "out indefinitely" to "hopes to play in Iowa's season opener". That's great news for Hawkeye fans---and Fran McCaffery. Gatens is Iowa's best returning player. He had surgery Thursday for a torn tendon in his non-shooting hand. Gatens is a gamer.
  • Michigan State football coach Mark Dantonio says he has a "zero tolerance policy". Thursday, Dantonio reinstated cornerback Chris L. Rucker on the same day Rucker was released from jail. In less than one year, Police arrested Rucker for both assault and drunk driving (though a plea agreement reduced charge to reckless driving). Dantonio says Rucker can make the trip to Iowa if he wants. Do you think he'll want? I'm not sure which is more insulting, Dantonio reinstating Rucker so quickly, or Dantonio defending his zero tolerance policy.
  • Not to be outdone, Florida coach Urban Meyer reinstates receiver Chris Rainey despite a September arrest for felony stalking. Among other things, Rainey sent a text to a former girlfriend which read, "Time to die, b---". Stay classy, Florida. 
  • How in the world could Notre Dame have a student-manager shooting video of practice on a lift 30 feet in the air while winds were gusting up to 50+miles an hour? The death of Declan Sullivan is tragic and senseless. And perhaps negligent.
  • All told, what a shameful week for the win at all costs mentality of college football. I feel like I need shower.

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