Thursday, October 21, 2010

James Harrison is full of crap

  • In the history of foolish posturing, Pittsburgh's James Harrison pretending he might retire because he can't deal with the NFL's clamp down on helmet-to-helmet tackles ranks near the top. Harrison finished several credits shy of a general studies degree at Kent State, so his career options for jobs that pay $51 million could be somewhat limited.  (Thursday morning update: James Harrison is full of crap. He's back with the Steelers already. Tough job market out there.)
  • As usual, the MLB league championship series' have been terrific, especially the Giants-Phillies. I understand why Fox and MLB want Yankees-Phillies II, but Rangers-Giants interests me more. The Rangers feature Josh Hamilton, a fascinating study of redemption and the best player in the American League. The Giants just flat out look like they're having fun.
  • If Iowa runs the table, will the 11-1 Hawkeyes play for the BCS title? I don't think so, but it would be fun finding out. At worst that run leads to the Rose Bowl, not a bad consolation. Of course, Wisconsin, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State may have something to say first.
  • If Iowa keeps winning, Ricky Stanzi will end up in the Heisman Trophy conversation. Don't believe it? See Brad Banks, 2002. And Stanzi is better than Banks.
  • I think Iowa State is smart to offer $40 fan ticket packs for the KU and Missouri football games. The $10 ticket gets you a hillside seat, soda, and hot dog (minimum 4 tickets). It's a great deal, and the Cyclones need to avoid a half-empty stadium at all costs. 
  • Thanks for encouraging me to watch Modern Family. It's now appointment television. No other sitcom on TV comes close. 

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Anonymous said...

stanzi better than banks? are you high? stanzi sucks and he showed that today. banks is the best Iowa QB ever and it's too bad he was wasted for 3 years. can we have vandenberg yet?