Wednesday, October 06, 2010

I'm Your Huckleberry

  • Say "Doc Holliday", and most people picture Val Kilmer in the immortal Tombstone, one of the great guy movies of all time. I'd like to think women appreciate the genius of Tombstone too. Please let me know. (Update: Erin Kiernan just informed me she loves Tombstone) Anyway, we have another Doc who's our huckleberry, Roy Halladay. Different spelling, same steal-the-show result. (A "huckleberry" is a person perfect for the job. That's both Docs.)  Halladay put a much needed jolt into day one of the MLB playoffs by no-hitting the Reds, and it was his first post-season appearance. Halladay already has a perfect game this season.
  • Twins and Yankees follow the same ol' script. Twins take the lead, Yankees come back and win. At least Target Field looks great; first outdoor playoff game in the Twin Cities in forty years. Hassel is there. Hopefully he's not singing the Stivers jingle or doing Dolph impressions.
  •  The Rays are a popular pick to win it all. Sure didn't look hat way in game one. Cliff Lee and the Rangers dominated. I'd like to make an out of the box pick, but I said on our radio show "Phillies", and with that pitching, I'll stick with it.
  • Iowa defensive coordinator Norm Parker is as tough as they come. He's battling diabetes daily. Parker already lost several toes on his left foot, and two weeks ago, doctors amputated Parker's right foot. Parker's personality is missed daily by the Hawkeyes, not to mention his defensive genius. Here's hoping for a speedy return.
  • Nothing heals like time. Vikings fans had their fill of Randy Moss by the end of his first run in Minnesota, but now they welcome Moss with open arms. They should too. Moss gives Brett Favre a deep threat, and immediately makes Minnesota a much better team. It's back on for Vikings fans. Moss will eventually implode, but he never does when first arriving. He'll be good, if not great, this season.


Anonymous said...

As a 30 something female let me just say I also LOVE the movie Tombstone!!!! One of my fav movies ever so many great lines, acting etc :)

Anonymous said...

I'm also a 30 something female. I love the movie too!