Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shawn, Dallas, and Norm

The BBC will spend the next two years following one Olympic hopeful from every sport. For women's gymnastics, it's Shawn Johnson. The first feature on Shawn aired Thursday. There was nothing earth-shattering about the piece, but I found it refreshing that Shawn is able to acknowledge she's a long-shot for London. Shawn said the hardest part is "not knowing if I'm gonna make it or not."

Colts tight end Dallas Clark needs wrist surgery and is out indefinitely. No one is more disappointed that Peyton Manning.

Thanks to a grass roots effort from hawkeye fans (isn't it funny that a modern day grass roots effort usually involves facebook and twitter?) The University of Iowa has pledged support for "Norm" chants during Saturday's game against Wisconsin.... well, sort of. Iowa fans were pushing for Norm chants on every Badger third down. Iowa officials are requesting that the chants takes place on first down. Saturday's game could feel like an episode of "Cheers."

Oregon's uniforms are butt-ugly.


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No Mention of the new Pearl Jam channel on Sirius? Should I be worried about you?