Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bear Hate, Tron Pain, Dang Cold

  • One thing I've learned this week: Bears fans sure can't stand Packers fans.
  • The Bears and Packers meet for the 183rd time Sunday, never in a bigger game. I think the Packers advance to the Super Bowl where they'll play the Steelers.
  • Green Bay and Pittsburgh are small television markets that would create large ratings. With those two storied franchises, I think we'd see the most watched television program in history.
  • I love this final four though. No matter how it winds up we're spared a Ravens or Panthers or Cardinals or Bucs or the like.
  • I saw Tron Legacy. My son Cade wanted to go for his 10th birthday. Kids always love a little one-on-one time. We went to the Merle Hay Cinema, which I love for the huge screen and reasonably priced snacks, but as we walked in we could see every single seat was empty. I improvised and told Cade I rented the theater for his birthday, Elvis-style. He was excited, but when I told him I was kidding, he said, "I know Dad. I'm not 9 anymore."
  • Tron was a long two hours for me. I appreciate the special effects, especially Jeff Bridges appearing 25 years younger throughout, but wow---the story hurt my head. Cade liked it, and that's enough. Barely.
  • Wrestling is such physical chess, it blows my mind when a wrestler is undefeated his entire career---so far---like Roosevelt's John Meeks or Southeast Polk's Cory Clark.
  • Hopefully the Cyclones get over that Stillwater meltdown faster than their fans. Up nine with 3:14 to play you have to finish, but Fred Hoiberg's team is still learning. Learning to win is a big step.
  • Wind chills between -15 and -30 Friday? I may cancel my plans to put a new roof on our house.
  • If you have a chance to watch Andy Fales' story Sunday night at 10 p.m. on an Ames High swimmer, please do. I think it's the best feature work Andy's done (assists from photojournalists Randy Schumacher and Chad Dormer). You can also see the subject of the story featured in Sunday's Des Moines Register. Tommy Birch is the writer.
  • To my surprise, I'm liking the new American Idol judges panel, especially Steven Tyler.


Brad S. said...

Merle Hay theater is great. Great big screen, easy parking and no wait.

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