Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hawkeyes Hospitalized

12 Iowa football players were hospitalized on Monday, most likely because of intense conditioning drills/weightlifting. Thankfully, it sounds like everyone will be okay. Still, is there any way this story doesn't end with at least one lawsuit and one termination?

I can't imagine exercising to the point of urinating something brown, but that's what reportedly happened to Hawkeye linebacker Shane DiBona. Seriously, how hard to you have to exercise for that to happen? I like to go to the Walnut Creek Y a handful of times a week, and casually lift a few dumbbells while chatting with the regulars and reading gossip magazines between sets. Not that I want kidney damage, but maybe I'm not in as good as shape as I thought 24 hours ago.



Anonymous said...

How could all 12 of them not realize they were dehydrating?!

FYI- XM radio has an entire Pearl Jam station. I am sure you knew, but if you didn't here you go.

Anonymous said...

They were probably taking creatine or possibly the "jungle juice" they drink while working out wasn't perpared properly. Jungle juice is a mixtire of 3x concentration of gatorade and protein powder. There could be a problem if the proportions weren't right.Also I belive creatine can cause the same thing. both od there items are legal but creatine is frowned on because it can lead to dehydration. Most college programs use some form of "jungle juice" as part of their training to promote faster muscle growth and faster recovery from workouts.

Shawn Terrell said...

I agree. Based on what I've learned the last 36 hours, it seems like there has to be another contributing factor (besides heavy exercise) for 13 players to be hospitalized.

And, yes, I am aware of the PJ channel on satellite radio. We have new work cars equipped with Sirius, and Channel 17 is the #1 preset. Love it.