Monday, January 24, 2011

Cutler not Quitler, Hoiberg Perfect, Midnight Swinger

  • Jay Cutler is who we thought he was. I'm not talking about being a quitter. I don't question Cutler's toughness---I think we'll learn he was hurt---but I do question Cutler's leadership and body language. He looked defeated in the first half.
  • Aaron Rodgers looked mortal for the first time in weeks, but he still has his team in the Super Bowl. How smart does the Green Bay organization look now for pushing Favre out to start the Rodgers era? It's hard to follow a legend, but Rodgers has done it.
  • The Packers did take their foot off the gas, and it nearly cost them. Don't play not to lose.
  • Bears fans are in for a long couple weeks listening to Packers fans.
  • The Jets-Steelers game also turned out as I expected, which provided needed confidence after not seeing that Patriots loss coming at all. The Jets kept coming too. I thought the game was over went Pittsburgh went up 21, but the Jets made the Steelers sweat.
  • It's hard not being impressed by Steelers coach Mike Tomlin---or noticing how much he looks like Omar Epps.
  • This Super Bowl match-up is a television network's dream come true. Look for the largest audience ever.
  • The Hawkeyes won a Big Ten game, and gave hope they're not the worst basketball team in the Big Ten, but next to no one saw it. The Big Ten Network played this game at 2 p.m., right when the Packers and Bears kicked off.
  • The Cyclones proved Saturday night they can look as bad losing to a good conference team as the Hawks have. Missouri destroyed Iowa State. It's ISU's first beating.
  • Fred Hoiberg is 75 for 75 shooting free throws in the Hoops for Heart contest. In the next round Hoiberg likely faces---wait for it---Steve Alford.
  • Finally saw Social Network. Fascinating story of the unlikely billionaires behind Facebook.
  • The Midnight Swinger is coming to the Funny Bone in West Des Moines. If you haven't seen my buddy, The Swinger, check him out. Highly entertaining show, and a good guy. Plus, what hair!

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