Tuesday, January 11, 2011

This One's For All the Tostitos. Really?

  • January 11th, and the college football season is finally over. The BCS title game arrived too late, then used every second of the game before deciding a champion.
  • Auburn and Oregon played like two teams that hadn't played in 35 days. It was a sloppy title game, but for the most part, entertaining.
  • Cam Newton made big plays and big mistakes, including short-arming an easy touchdown pass on 4th and goal. Newton ultimately leads Auburn to the 3 point win---the Vegas line---thanks in part to an improbable run by a Freshman running back sure to give Oregon nightmares for years. The officials were right, he was not down.
  • Gene Chizik goes from 10 straight losses at Iowa State to a national championship at Auburn in two years. It's clear many Cyclone fans aren't happy about Chizik's success. On twitter (@MurphyKeith), I was asked repeatedly Monday night why Clone fans are so bitter, and who could blame Chizik for leaving? I think anyone can, and should, understand Chizik's decision. It wasn't the why, it was the way. But Sean Keeler is right, it's time to move on. Bottom line: Gene Chizik is better off, and Iowa State is better off.
  • Chizik made $700,000 in bonus money with the win. (source: CNBC)
  • I had 15 in our Murph & Andy "How many times will Cam Newton's father be shown on camera" pool, but Cecil decided not to attend the game.
  • Right before the game-winning field goal, did Brent Musburger really say, "This one is for all the Tostitos"? That had to be required by the network and sponsor.
  • My favorite halftime moment ever: the troops thought to be in Iraq surprising their families on the field. Awesome.
  • When does Auburn play TCU?


Anonymous said...

Musberger also said that Jeff Blake had a remarkable NFL career. While I was rolling my eyes, my buddy says, "wasn't Jeff Blake a golfer"?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Musberger talking about the "Phoenix Cardinals"...

Anonymous said...

Auburn blew it on the 4th and goal. If they would have listened to Musburger all they would have needed to do was have Cam (he's on a first name basis with him) to hike the ball and fall forward, because Cam gains 2 yards just by falling.