Monday, January 24, 2011

DJK and Cutler (heading in opposite directions)


The law works in mysterious ways --- such was the case with Derrell Johnson-Koulianos. A month and a half ago, it looked as if DJK could be headed to jail. Luckily for him, he wasn't the 'big fish'. After being caught with cocaine, prescription drugs (with which he had no prescription for), and marijuana, DJK gets off with a simple 'Mary-J' charge. He'll face no jail time, and if he stays out of trouble, even that charge will be wiped from his record.

I talked to DJK on the phone, Monday afternoon. He was planning to give us an interview about the dropped charges. Instead, he told me that he would rather wait until Tuesday to spill his guts. "I want to get all of my thoughts in order," he said. While he's staying tight-lipped, he isn't staying tight-fingered (as in typing). has been blowing up since he signed on, earlier this month. He's tweeted 738 times, since January 1st. That's roughly 31 tweets, per day. Even the master of Twitter, @murphykeith doesn't approach those numbers. We'll see if he keeps his word, tomorrow. My guess is, he will. The guy thrives on attention.

As for the other football-related story, here's what I think. Maybe Cutler was too hurt to play the second half, but the way he took in the final 25 minutes of the NFC Championship Game, was despicable. He's supposed to be the leader of the offense. He's supposed to be the franchise quarterback. He's supposed to CARE whether or not the Bears beat the Packers and advance to the freakin' Super Bowl! I'm a huge Bears fan, but I've never been a Jay Cutler fan. Yes, I enjoy what he brings to the quarterback position, and I appreciate his talents, but his attitude drives absolutely nuts. He's a pompous jerk. That's fine when you're winning. That's not fine when you lose like the Bears lost on Sunday.

Side note: GO STEELERS!

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Mike said...

Time to see the Steel Curtain fall!