Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Suspended Five, Hawks Hustle, Marion Returns

  • As the Sugar Bowl started, I was surprised to find how disgusted I was to see Ohio State's Suspended Five in the line-up. I knew they were going to play, but something about actually seeing players who clearly and knowingly violated major NCAA rules being given a pass in the name of winning, greed, and ratings just made me sick. Naturally, four of the five went on to make the biggest plays of Ohio State's narrow win over Arkansas. Is there anyone who thinks the Buckeyes would have won without the Suspended Five?
  • Letting these guys play in the Sugar Bowl then suspending them for games next season is like a parent allowing a child who breaks a serious rule to still have his friends over for a big party on the weekend, then he's grounded. Just a sad, embarrassing day for all involved.
  • Give Terrelle Pryor credit for again apologizing on a big stage. He had a heck of a first half too. I don't see Pryor being an effective NFL QB anytime soon, so a half-season at Ohio State might be a good idea.
  • Despite the stench, the Sugar Bowl was a highly entertaining game.
  • Meantime back in Iowa City, the Hawkeyes made the #2 ranked Buckeyes sweat the outcome of a basketball game for the first time this season. Iowa needs players, but the coaching and effort are there.
  • You knew there was no way UNI would start the season 0-3.
  • The U of I says it's allowing Des Moines' Montell Marion back on the Hawkeye wrestling squad, though he's not competing yet. I like that Marion showed contrition in his statement. In the past, he's had excuses and didn't strike me as someone taking responsibility for his mistakes. I hope he's good to his word.

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