Monday, January 10, 2011

NFL Weekend, BTN Sundays, Christmas in January

  • I love NFL playoff weekends. Three exciting games, and one dud.
  • The Ravens exposed the Chiefs, and that was after the great Dan Gable tried to fire the Chiefs up Friday. Come on Chiefs, you're going to cost our man Dan some motivational speaking gigs.
  • The Packers won at Philly, but many of us saw this coming. Despite all the Vick hype, the Packers actually have the better quarterback. Vick played okay, but teams figured out how to contain him down the stretch.
  • Did Bears fans root for the Packers? Callers to SoundOff claim no, but the Bears have to love hosting the Seahawks next weekend.
  • The BTN needs to re-think basketball games against the NFL on Sunday. The NFL throws a shadow on everything. Maybe it would be different if Hawkeye basketball were more relevant, but I think the game at Purde was an afterthought for most people.
  • I still haven't taken our Christmas tree down. Is that bad?
  • Jim Carrey was funny on SNL Saturday, but I thought he'd be even funnier. Unrealistic expectations I guess.

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Anonymous said...

Saturday Night Live is still on?