Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Big Ten Icons, I'm Sorry Buckeyes, Ten years Later

  • So Nile Kinnick is #7 on the Big Ten Icons list. Who's ahead of Kinnick? Players missing so far that jumps off the page to me include Butkus, Grange, Griffin, Owens, and Johnson. I'm missing at least one. (It's players, not coaches.)
  • I don't think the East High girls will lose a basketball game.
  • There's nothing like high school basketball with hot shooting on a cold night. Shawn Terrell sent me a text from Johnston when the Dragons were shooting the lights out in the first half against Waukee. Shawn wrote, "Crazy Fun Game".
  • Glad to see the Pirates pay Joel Hanrahan. The pitcher from Norwalk seems like a good guy. Hanrahan, Hellickson, Blake... not bad for the Metro.
  • Props to the Buckeye Five for keeping their word. I thought at least one of the suspended players would enter the NFL draft, but none did. Jim Tressel was right. They still shouldn't have played in the Sugar Bowl, but there were force$ that made it happen.
  • Here's how I ranked the quarterbacks in the NFL final four: Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Cutler, Sanchez. Big Ben has the rings, and you can argue he should be #1, but I'm not over the off-season yet, or Rodgers game in Atlanta. Could be a heart, not head pick. You could also argue Sanchez deserves the nod over Cutler since Sanchez has taken his team to the AFC championship two straight years, but that's my order.
  • My son Cade turns ten Wednesday. It seems just yesterday he was born and immediately peed on the nurse. I only laughed because she did. And because I'm a guy, and when is that not funny?

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Anonymous said...

I peed on a nurse last week. You're right, it's still funny.