Thursday, June 23, 2011

Car Sneezing, Painted Toes, Bieber is Street Tough


I found out, today, that Indycar drivers are only able to breathe one time every six seconds, at the Iowa Speedway. The G-forces don't allow them to take a breath in the turns. I wonder what would happen if one of them had to sneeze?

I'm not, at all, entertained by the NBA Draft, but there's nothing else on TV. Currently, we're at the end of the first round. Most people believe Diante Garrett will be taken mid-to-late 2nd round. I hope they're right, but I wouldn't be shocked if he wasn't picked.

At this rate, the NBA is about to surpass the NHL in number of foreigners in the league. Americans are about as common as a Big Ten player being drafted.

Blue and Pink for prostate and breast
cancer. Black and Yellow for the Bucs.
Joel Hanrahan must be whipped. His girlfriend was somehow able to get him to get a pedicure, after saving his 20th game in 20 tries, Wednesday night.

I was at a friend's house playing NHL '10 on ps3, until 4am. We stopped playing games at 2am --- that's when my Democratic friend got into it with my Republican friend. I would say it was like being the moderator on 'Crossfire' ... but I'm pretty sure these two don't know a thing about politics.

I have Bieber Fieber
Justin Bieber was attacked at a fragrance unveiling. But wait, it gets better. Bieber was taunting the attacker by yelling, "What? What?!". As it turns out, the attacker wasn't an attacker --- it was a police officer trying to help Bieber when the crowd got unruly. Bieber suffered a few scratches, but his wig was unharmed.

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