Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Heat Is Off, Fonsie In Iowa, Methcatine


So will the Mavericks parade in Dallas be bigger than the one they'll get in Cleveland?

Props to a Dallas team many thought would lose in the first round to Portland.  A big reason they seemed to fail in past playoffs was that they didn't seem to be "tough enough".  Not this year.  Overcome a potential disaster in the first round, manhandle the defending champion Lakers, and then pull numerous comebacks on OKC and Miami.  Dallas nutted up when it counted.  The only thing they whiffed on was Dirk's celebration at the buzzer.  I couldn't tell if he'd just won or lost the title.

Speaking of shrinking in the clutch.....
Can I get a binkie for baby BronBron?
There are many celebrating LeBron and the Heatles loss.  I'm not one of them.  Yes LeBron should have handled his exit better, and yes they were cocky and brought it on themselves.  But I can't fault or make LeBron or Bosh villains for leaving crappy organizations.  And it's not as though this was their last run at a title.  They've probably got a good six years left together, and chances are better supporting cast players will be added.  Funny as it would be if they never won a title, it's just not likely.

I don't understand why people make a big deal out of the Jordan and James comparisons.  It's like people feel MJ's legacy is danger.  Jordan never had to leave his original team to win a title, has better playoff numbers, and was 6-6 in the Finals. 

Bet Kyrie Irving is REALLY looking forward to playing for this guy
After the game, Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert tweeted a congrats to the Mavs and says it proves there are "NO SHORTCUTS.  NONE!"  Seriously?  Your team was one of the worst in the NBA and flat out garbage on a good day.  Miami made the Finals and will have plenty more chances.  Shut up already Dan.  Kyrie Irving will maybe help you make the playoffs as the eight seed in a few years before he leaves like LeBron did too. 

It took me longer to write this sentence than it did for Alfonso Soriano to have an at-bat at Principal Park in his rehab with the I-Cubs (0-3 if you care).

The final crowd count was just over 10,000.  Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad crowd, but compared to rehabs by Kerry Wood and Mark Prior when it was standing room only, it just didn't seem to have any buzz.  Tells you all you need to know about the excitement for the Chicago Cubs and the fans thoughts on Soriano.  He seems like a good guy, but after the 07 and 08 playoff debacles I don't think he's ever been embraced (or ever will be).
Wow.  Just.  Wow.
So I was in Hazzle Dazzle's hometown of Muscatine (called Methcatine by Andy on SoundOFF).  Wasn't the one-stoplight town I was expecting.  It had a very pretty downtown, Mississippi River walk, and bit of charm to it.  But......

-The first day I pull in there it's pouring rain and yet kids are still swimming in the outdoor swimming pool.
-They must be the factory/pollution king of Iowa.
-As our intern Melanie pointed out, the mall was completely closed.  At 7 PM.  On a Saturday.
-Also courtesy Melanie, the downtown was pretty but most of the buildings were empty and there were hardly any people on the streets.  At 8 PM.  On a Saturday.

No wonder Chris is nuts.

Finally, I endorse charity and giving when you can.  So I must give a salute to the TNT Network.  It takes a kind heart and gentle soul to keep constantly giving Noah Wyle and Mark Paul-Gosselaar (AKA Zach on Saved By The Bell) work.  That they actually pay them for their "acting" in their crappy originals is truly worthy of sainthood.
Watching Barkley sleep for an hour would be more entertaining


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Personal Home Inspector said...

Just because Lebron James does not have a ring does not make Kobe or anyone else better than him, one man can't win a championship, Kobe was lucky to get drafted to the Lakers where everyone on that team is a good player, you guys troll Lebron all day about him not having a ring, but hell he is one of the best in the NBA, I am a heat fan but also a mavericks fan Good job Mavs, both team works hard for the finals, surely they did their best, and in every game, there is only one team standing but it doesn’t mean that the other one is not worth it, but this is the reality, there is winner and there is a loser. Thanks for sharing this.