Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hawkeye Replay, Lolo Struggling, Never-ending Shampoo


Who wouldn't want to see
Muscatine's LED bridge?
Poor IceBorg. The guy had to cover fall soccer, in Montana, before spring soccer, in Iowa. To top it all off, the final game of the season goes into overtime. Then it went into double overtime. Then it went into a shootout. And then it went into a sudden death shootout. The good news is, he was able to spend a few extra hours in MuscaVegas.

If you played Iowa every
game, you probably would
be #1, Mr. Fitz.

Last year's Iowa-Northwestern football game is on Big Ten Network. The Hawks are up 17-7, in the 4th. There's no way they end up losing this game, again.

The Belmont Stakes mean absolutely nothing, to casual horse racing fans, unless there's a triple crown candidate -- but I still watch. Keith always tells the story of some old sportscaster, in New York, that would always have a horse race in his sportscast, because it's one of the most exciting things to watch. I'd like to do it, too...but you only hear about three races a year.

Lolo Jones lost another race. This time, she didn't even place. Lolo finished 4th, in the 100m hurdles, at the Diamond League meeting in New York. After the race, she admitted that her confidence is lacking. She better figure it out, quickly. We're only one year away from the London Olympics.

The NBA Finals, and the Stanley Cup Finals, have been fantastic. As much as it pains me to say it, I think the Heat will find a way to win in 7. I'll take the Canucks to hoist the cup in game 7, as well.

You may have already seen the 'Endless Shampoo' video. If you have, it's definitely worth another look

I was all pumped up when my friend told me he wanted to meet up a Fong's after work, tonight. Just as I was beginning to dream of a big ol' piece of pepperoni pizza, he said he would rather go to Buffalo Wild Wings. There's nothing wrong with B-dub's (as the cool kids call it), but it's certainly no Fongs. Full disclosure...this is the same dude that says Jesse's Embers is terrible. Blasphemy.

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b said...

Fong's was almost worth the gall bladder attack it spawned for me. Now minus said gall bladder, I might have to try it again.