Thursday, June 09, 2011

Hot Track, The Show, Weiner Limit

  • Has anyone seen LeBron yet? Maybe Scottie Pippen should look.
  • The Bruins are in the Canucks heads and beating them up physically. The series has turned.
  • Sometimes less is more. The NHL's commercial, THERE ARE NO WORDS, is the best in sport. Simple. Powerful. Effective.

  • Even the NCAA runners from Texas thought Des Moines was hot Wednesday.
  • What are the odds of two small town central Iowa guys ending up in the same Major League bullpen? I don't know, at least 3-to-1. Anyway, congratulations on the big league debut of Dallas Center-Grimes' Tony Watson, and the all-star caliber season of Norwalk's Joel Hanrahan. They faced back-to-back batters for the Pirates Wednesday.

  • The Iowa Board of Regents approves a $21 million football facility for Iowa State. Sounds crazy in this economy, but ISU is way behind other Big 12 schools, and the money is coming from donations and athletic department revenue. It's an arms race.
  • Am I the only person watching TNT's Men of a Certain Age? I shouldn't be. It's good.
  • Abrams & Spielberg's "Super 8" movie is shrouded in mystery. I'm in.
  • I can't get Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" song out of my head. They keep playing it with NBA Finals highlights. At least the song doesn't suck. It's her best Madonna song yet.
  • I can't take any more Weiner jokes.

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