Monday, June 06, 2011

Z Speaks Truth, Cyclone Meeks, Muscatine Backlash

  • Don't ship the Stanley Cup to Canada just yet. Bruins 8, Canucks 1.
  • Roger Federer may be the greatest tennis player of all time, yet he can't beat Rafa Nadal. That's how good Nadal is.
  • Carlos Zambrano spoke the truth: The Cubs are embarrassing themselves.
  • Albert Pujols kills the Cubs. If anyone is willing to overpay a guy who will soon start the inevitable decline brought on by age, it's the Cubs.
  • The verbal commitment of Roosevelt's John Meeks is a good get for Iowa State in general, and Kevin Jackson in particular. Meeks should leave high school with 4 state titles and 0 losses. He's also a tireless worker and exciting wrestler.
  • Credit the Heat for bouncing back from the embarrassment of game 2's meltdown. The Heat's go-to-guy is Dwyane Wade, not Lebron James, but both are great.
  • State soccer showed all over again how much Valley and Dowling hate each other, or something close to it.
  • I bet on three horses to win at Prairie Meadows Friday night. All three finished dead last. I'm no Ken Miller.
  • The Principal Charity Classic is first class, start to finish.
  • Props to Richard Childress for doing what so many would like to do: punch Kyle Busch. And credit Busch for not swinging back at a 65 year old man.
  • The Twilight movie dominated the MTV awards. Again. I've seen none.
  • As many of you know, Chris Hassel is from Muscatine. He can't stop bragging about the place. That led me to take a fun jab at Chris Monday night. Sarah didn't like it:
Keith Murphy's comment during news about the girls soccer final.."If the teams win regionals today, state finals are in Muscatine, IA. That doesn't sound like much, but that's where they get to play"...was extremely inappropriate and rude. Contrary to popular belief, there are other towns in Iowa besides Des Moines. Muscatine is a beautiful town on the Mississippi with first class soccer fields donated by the Carvers. Those soccer fields are better than most colleges offer in the nation. Heaven forbid if Des Moines area students have to travel outside of the bustling metro to experience life in other towns. Maybe Keith needs to travel the 2 1/2(gasp) hours down there to see what Muscatine does have to offer. I think you owe the people of Muscatine and Eastern Iowa an apology.

Sarah B.

That's not quite what I said, Sarah made it sharper and more insulting, but it sure led to an entertaining email.

See you in Muscatine!

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