Wednesday, June 08, 2011

He Gone, Mini-Mike, Voice Live

  • Terrelle Pryor won't play again for Ohio State. I can't even brag for getting that one right. It was inevitable.
  • USC's football program being dragged through the mud, and deserving it, didn't surprise me, but Ohio State... that's a different story.
  • At Target today, I saw Tim Tebow's new autobiography. I really respect Tebow---I think he's sincere---but I can't imagine reading his book. Not yet.
  • The first couple hundred pages of  the new ESPN book are a tough slog---even for someone who works in the business. I'm finally through the chapters on how ESPN went from wild idea to most profitable channel on television, and I hope it gets a little juicier. Only 500 pages to go!
  • I just signed the kids up for the library summer reading program. If you have children, the program is full of fun incentives to make kids read. It's a message more needed than ever. PUT THE VIDEO GAMES, IPODS, AND CELL PHONES DOWN, AND READ!
  • The I-Cubs handed out Mike Quade bobble-heads on the night the big Cubs losing streak reached 8 games. Timing is everything.
  • The NCAA Track and Field Championships are back for the first time since 2008. This time we promise to pay more attention. Last time---three years ago----flooding took all the energy of our citizens and media. Remember?
  • Watching The Voice live show (on DVR), I'm reminded of what a great singer Freddy Mercury was. All who attempt Queen songs, do so at their own peril. Christina is better than most. By the way, the Voice being live put some needed energy and edge back in the show.
  • More 11 a.m. kickoffs for Iowa? Well, if you take the TV money, you have to do what the networks say. Most fans hate 11 a.m. kicks. I'm with them.
  • Bad news for NBC: No Tiger at U.S. Open. Good news for NBC: Olympics through 2020.
  • I have rediscovered the joy of taking a few cuts in the batting cage. Highly recommended.
  • Game 4 should end the ridiculous Lebron vs Jordan discussion. WAY too soon.


Sam said...

this is awesome! seriously... all of the top issues I am interested in have been addressed in a witty and interesting way. Good job!

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