Sunday, June 19, 2011

McIlroaring, ISU's Rolls Royce


Rory McIlroy will probably play professional golf for about another 30 years and win several majors.  But I'd put money on him NEVER playing that well again in a major tournament (or maybe any other tournament).  -16 at the US Open is the definition of being in the zone.

It was a nearly flawless performance from a guy who had been very flawed at previous majors.  The Masters this year.  The British Open and PGA Championship last year.  And that's the scary part now.  He was close before, and now he seems to have learned from his past mistakes, and he's only 22.

I keep hearing the claim that he is the next Tiger Woods.  For his sake I kinda hope not.  Hopefully he has a little more maturity and control of his personal life as his fame grows (IE not hooking up with every Perkins waitress he meets in every city).  Tiger's life and game has gone to hell in big part because of it.  He'll always be one of the great golfers in history, but I believe he was on track to be THE greatest, and I think that window is fast shutting.  On second thought, McIlroy's performance and arrival may have slammed it shut.  It's going to be a lot tougher for Tiger to win majors when he returns.

Spent some time at the Capital City League.  From the stands to the floor it definetly has an Iowa State feel.  High profile transfers Royce White (Minnesota), Korie Lucious (Michigan State) and Will Clyburn (Utah) are all on the floor.  White will be eligible to play next season while Lucious and Clyburn have to wait till 2012-13.  White looks like he's 30 and plays like a man amongst boys.

I'll call my shot here-ISU will be in the NCAA Tournament in 2013.  These three bring a type of athleticism and talent on the floor that will be a game changer in Ames.  The only problem?  Making sure they all STAY together till then.  White's had a history of problems, though I think the fact he appears to have been a model citizen last season when he sat out bodes well.  Lucious had a big falling out at MSU.  White told me a year sitting out can go fast.  I hope so. 
Oh I know!  Our parents weren't brother and sister before they married!

I'm glad to see this Nebraska-Iowa rivalry is catching on.  This is already more serious than they treated their previous rival in name only Colorado.  But seriously Nebraska fan, come up with something better for the shirts.  You just wasted your first two comebacks for when Iowa beats you this fall.

I heard that rumors of the Yankees being interested in Carlos Zambrano were squashed.  Five bucks says Carlos started those rumors. 

With all the conference realignment in college sports we've been treated to a bevy of lame new logos and themes.  "Legends" and "Leaders" divisions from the Big Ten still takes the stupid cake, but we may have a challenger courtesy my Alma Mater's conference.  The Mountain West had a nice run as non-BCS buster for a while, but with BYU, Utah and TCU all headed out, they figured it was time for a new look.

Kind of subpar in my opinion.  Really subpar when it turns out they bastardized it off the British TV series "Doctor Who".

You know your conference is irrelevant when it pays millions of dollars only to get ripped off by a rip off.

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