Friday, June 03, 2011

Quade Baldyhead, Battle of WDM, Awful Apes

The Cubs and Cardinals are playing on WGN, right now, and I don't have the slightest interest in turning it on. I have no idea what the score is, but I'm guessing the Cubs are getting beat -- again. Jim Hendry could be entering his final days as GM of the Cubs. From can't-miss prospects, like Felix Pie, Mark Prior, Hee Seop Choi, Angel Guzman, Ronny Cedeno (I could go on and on and on...), to the hiring of Mike Quade ... Hendry has proven he's not going to be able to turn things around. Firing him won't be a quick fix, but something has to be done. This is one of the worst Cubs teams I've ever seen.

I added the 'stache...
but its not a bad look.
So far, Mike Quade hasn't made a good manager in the big league's, but he sure as heck has a smooth bobblehead -- literally. The I-Cubs are handing out these Quade baldyheads, June 7th. You'd better get there early.

I still can't believe the Mavs came back to beat the Heat, Thursday. I didn't turn the game off when the Mavs were down 15 with 7-minutes to go...I turned it off when the Mavs were down 6 with 10-minutes to go. I really didn't think there was any way Dallas could win that basketball game. I had one of those cartoon-type double-takes when I checked about 30 minutes later. It took me about 15-seconds to figure out what I was seeing.

This is what happens when you
celebrate with 7 minutes to go.
I'm in quite the predicament, as well. I despise LeBron James, and everything the Heat stand for. Yet, I have a bet with a friend (Mavs fan) that the Mavs won't win the NBA title. I guess it's a lose-lose...or a win-win situation. Either way, I'm not able to actually enjoy the finals. I still think the Heat will win it in 6 or 7.

The IceBorg isn't exactly a soccer fan, so I figured when he returned from shooting Dowling's 1-0 shootout win over Johnston, in the heat, he'd be a little peeved. He wasn't. Iceborg actually said it was an exciting game. I'll take his word for it.

Dowling's win sets up a West Des Moines showdown, on Saturday. Dowling takes on Valley for city bragging rights, and state bragging rights. They're playing for the boys 3A title.

Iowa State already has 5 nationally televised football games planned for 2011. That's an ISU record. Considering where the Big 12 was headed, last summer, I'd say things worked out pretty well.

Unfortunately, the Cy-Hawk game is going to kick off at 11am, on FSN. I'm not a fan of any game starting before 1pm, especially this one. I can already hear that alarm clock ringing, at 5am, in the RV. We're only three months away.

Have you seen the preview for "Rise of the Planet of the Apes"? It looks absolutely ridiculous.

That being said, not every movie can be as good as this:


jwynet said...

They say God has a plan for us. What is Hendry's "plan" for the Cubs? But I'm not sure axing him is the answer. The "low key" demeanor of the owner does not inspire confidence. Quade echoes this low key approach..I think the Cubs at least need a "Billy Martin" like firebrand to kick some b*** instead of "let's forget this bad game and try again tomorrow". Harry would probably get fired if he were alive because he would undoubtedly be roasting the play of this team alive..God I miss him.

Billy Ray said...

jwynet, do you mean someone like Lou Pinella? He'd be a perfect fit, they should see if he's available.

Man Cub fans are stupid! Must be the 20 cans of Old Style they swill every day.