Friday, June 24, 2011

Danica's Ovaries, Old-time Football, Andy's Moonshine

IceBorg snapped this photo
of Danica cooling off the pits

Danica Patrick is always good for a head-turning quote, or two, when she comes to Newton. Friday was no different. When talking about last year's event, Danica mentioned how uncomfortable she was going over the bumps on turns 1 and 2. Then this... "Last year in practice, I don’t know if I went flat-out until qualifying. That took some ovaries to do because I wasn’t really excited to do it — but I did it." We'll see if she goes ovaries-to-the-wall, Saturday night.

It always fascinates me to watch 'Big Ten Film Vault' on BTN. If you're unfamiliar, it's a program that airs Big Ten season recaps from the mid-50's to the mid-60's. A couple of the things that strike me: - There are thousands of empty seats at every stadium (which were much smaller back then)
- The Cheerleaders looked absolutely ridiculous
- There was a lot of toilet paper throwing after touchdowns
- And the game was played in black and white

These MSU cheerleaders were
often mistaken for refs.
Our Internet content guru, Alisa (who also helps out with SoundOFF), is getting chewed out tonight. She said a few of her friends were coming in from out of state, so she told them to go to an I-Cubs game. They asked if there was any chance it would be sold out. She said "no" ... and when they got to Principal Park, all they had left were standing room only seats. To top it all off, they hate Iowa. Good start to the weekend.

Principal Park is great, especially when it's packed. The I-Cubs played in front of 13,549 fans, Friday night. Baseball, beautiful weather, and free fireworks --- can't beat it.

Andy's cousin, Randy, concocting
a batch of moonshine for the party.

Andy made a big batch of moonshine for a get-together at his house, tonight. I'm a guy that likes to stay away from any kind of hard alcohol, but Andy already said he won't let me come unless I promise to drink some. He says it takes like apple pie. Sounds kind of girlie for such a manly drink.

I can't say I'm too surprised that Diante Garrett didn't get drafted. If not for the experts predicting a 2nd round draft choice, I wouldn't have thought he even had a chance. NBA teams must see something in him. Garrett says he's already received several offers, with guaranteed money, to try out for the team. My guess is, he ends up playing somewhere in the D-League, next season.

Poor Phillie Phanatic

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Anthill_Goddess said...

Will warn you now...the one friend of mine who's willing to admit to it sent me the following message after she tried moonshine "OMG My throat is bleeding...I SWEAR it!!"

Just a heads-up :)