Friday, November 12, 2010

Ankeny-Dowling = Lethal Weapon 2

  • Ankeny-Dowling 2, "The Rematch" proves a sequel can surpass the original (see Godfather II).  How can a team that lost 42-0 in October, nearly pull off an upset and lose 24-21 in November? They're kids. They have short memories. Congrats to Dowling on advancing to the title game. It's not easy being #1. Three close calls but the Maroons are still standing and still unbeaten.
  • I hope Madrid wins the title. The Tigers have a reserved spot for their bus at the Dome, they're in the playoffs every year, but they often come up just short, kind of like the Atlanta Braves.
  • Since I'm on a roll with predictions, I'll state with confidence Iowa beats Northwestern by double digits--- 14 sounds right. Teams often take on the personality of their coaches, and this is particularly true at Iowa. Kirk Ferentz seems tired of losing to Northwestern, the same way he was once tired of losing bowls, and losing to Iowa State. When he has that look, his teams respond.
  • Teams who have fired their coaches, often play better. This scares a few Cyclone fans as Iowa State goes to Colorado. I don't think it should. ISU is not talented enough to win without playing hard, but I think the Clones will. ISU by 7.
  • I took my mom to the new movie "Morning Glory". It's about network morning shows, and while it's no "Broadcast News", it's breezy and fun. Harrison Ford does his best work in years. He anchors the news in a growl---very unBachmanlike.
  • Kevin love of the Timberwolves scored 31 points and pulled down 31 rebounds vs. the Knicks Friday night. First NBA 30/30 since Moses Malone in 1982.
  • The Heat are good for the NBA. I enjoyed the Celtics win Thursday night way more than I should in November.
  • A big welcome to Alisa Link. She's a channel 13 intern hall of famer who is now a full time employee working right here at  Good for us, good for you.

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