Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No TV, A-Rob Rocked, Bo Knows Tantrums

  • It's crazy the Iowa State - Creighton game wasn't on TV. All but the 10,000 at Wells Fargo Arena missed an early season classic. Jamie Vanderbeken's last second 3 was late, but it was still an incredible Laettner-like shot, aided in large part by an overlooked strike by Scott Christopherson. Had the game been on TV, Vanderbeken's shot would have been waved off, but that equals overtime, not an Iowa State loss. Who knows what happens then.
  • Greg McDermott entered and exited with class. Bad fit at Iowa State. He'll win at Creighton.
  • I'm worried about Adam Robinson. He looked knocked out after an uncalled illegal hit by Ohio State. That's A-Rob's second concussion in a month, and as Shawn Terrell reported Monday night, once you've had one concussion, you're five times more likely to have another. Robinson won't play against Minnesota, and I trust Iowa will take every precaution before running him in a bowl.
  • Great teams find a way to win. Iowa is now finding a way to lose. It's just not Iowa's year. Offense, Defense, Special Teams, and Coaches all would like do-overs at critical times. That's football.
  • Over-reacting Hawkeye fans need to realize Iowa doesn't have the talent or depth some elite programs have, and never will. It's a thin margin between wins and losses. Iowa was on the right side of it last year; this year, it's going the other way.
  • I picked Iowa to go 9-3, and Iowa State 6-6. Turns out I thought too much of both teams.
  • ISU's 0 points isn't all on Jerome Tiller, but the Cyclones need a QB to push Tiller, not just hand him the job. Iowa State also needs to go find a Seneca, Persa, Daniel, Tate or Reesing somewhere. An overlooked short guy who can really run the spread.
  • Hawkeye and Cyclone fans, aren't you glad Bo Pelini isn't your coach? The guy is embarrassing. Erin Kiernan loves Nebraska, but she's had enough of Pelini's temper tantrums. She's not alone.
  • The Vikings waited too long to fire Childress. He lost the team a long time ago. It's a lost season now.
  • If you get a chance, check out the Iowa Energy. It's an entertaining night.
  • The Event on NBC started with promise, but it's losing me.

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