Thursday, November 18, 2010

First Margarito vs Paquiao, Now Drake vs ISU

  • Iowa State and Drake have played basketball 170 times and Wednesday night the Cyclones won by 48, their largest margin of victory in the series ever. How many people thought a team picked for 12th in the Big 12 would more than double the score on a young & talented Bulldog team? Not me.
  • I think most Cyclone fans are realistic about the quality of competition in Iowa State's impressive 3-0 start. Still, Fred Hoiberg's team has outscored opponents 243-154.
  • It's early, and there will be some rough nights for Iowa State, but it's hard to imagine the season starting with more promise. Hoiberg was smart enough to surround himself with a great staff, the players are clearly buying into the new system, and a year thought disposable may provide a thrill here and there. Already did.
  • Scott Christopherson 11 for 11...  That's hard to do in the driveway with no defenders. When Christopherson left the game, he had outscored Drake 29-28.
  • What in the world happened to Drake. Props to Mark Phelps for his candor. That was a good, old fashion whipping. 

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