Monday, November 01, 2010

Hawkeyes Punk Spartans, Cyclones Punk Jayhawks, Kutchers Punk Recruits

  • When people said before the football season, that if things went right, Iowa could go 12-0 and play for the BCS title, those people expected to see the Hawkeye team that played Saturday. Iowa absolutely destroyed #5 Michigan State.
  • Iowa State had a perfect day, a good crowd, and a bad opponent. The Cyclones had to win, and after a sluggish start, took care of business. Paul Rhoads and staff are working wonders with a team that needs a serious talent upgrade. 5-4, and believe it or not, Iowa State controls its own destiny in the Big 12 North. It likely won't last long with Nebraska headed to Ames Saturday, but it's true on November 1st.
  • Faithful blog readers know before the season I picked Iowa to go 9-3 and Iowa State 6-6. No way I hit both, so which is more likely right (or is that wrong)?
  • This is the week we find out just how many Nebraska football fans live near us and work with us. We won't hear from them during basketball season.
  • Recruits posed for a picture with Ashton & Demi? Yawn. If this makes someone sign with Iowa we're all being punked. It's minor stuff.
  • Brett Favre has guts, I'll say that for him. His act is tired, but against the Patriots, Favre played hurt and played well. The NFL will be a lot less interesting when Favre's gone. He's never boring.
  • How can the Cowboys be this bad?
  • Hang in there. The attack ads are almost over. (See Andy and Hassel's in the video player)

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