Tuesday, November 02, 2010

HB at NC, Posting the Vote, 400 vs 100

  • Here's an interesting question: If Ames' Harrison Barnes had picked Iowa State, not North Carolina, would he still have been the AP's first freshman voted to the pre-season All-America team? I'd say no. Either way, Barnes wouldn't have played a minute of college basketball yet, and in both scenarios he would have been equally impressive in high school, AAU, and all summer against big time competition, but the perception of recruits tends to go up or down based on the school they choose.  One can argue Barnes will be a better player when surrounded by more talent at North Carolina, but this vote takes place before we even know.
  • Yes, I voted on election Tuesday. I think it's now law to say that in a blog, or facebook, or twitter --- if that gets more people out, I'm all for it. My favorite voting quote comes from Churchill: “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
  • I respect anyone who puts it out there and runs for elected office. I can't imagine doing it.
  • No more attack ads!
  • Joe Paterno will soon win his 400th game. For perspective, Kirk Ferentz will soon win his 100th. Think about that.
  • Bummer Iowa linebacker Tyler Nielsen is likely out the rest of the regular season with a neck injury. Nielsen is a gamer.
  • Baseball still has a pulse on TV. The World Series beat Monday Night Football in the ratings.
  • Our thanks to the guys at http://www.buildahead.com/ They just sent a Ferentz, Stanzi, and Hoiberg. If your school needs a fundraiser, the guys have some good ideas.
  • I hear Cooter Ray is back on SoundOFF Sunday night. Hide the women and children.

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