Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Garnett vs Villanueva, Hoiberg vs Keno, Democrat vs Republican

  • The Vikings cut Randy Moss because he turned out to be... Randy Moss. How did this organization become such a joke? What a mess. Only one team even bothered to claim Moss on waivers---the Titans---which tells you a lot about how this talented receiver is regarded throughout the league. He's just not worth the headache anymore.
  • Charlie Villanueva, who has a condition that prevents him from growing hair, says NBA trash-talker extraordinaire Kevin Garnett called him a "cancer patient". Garnett now claims he said, "You are a cancer to your team and to the league". Who do you believe? Me too. One rings a lot truer than the other.
  • Fred Hoiberg, who has had open-heart surgery, will join 63 other D1 coaches in a free throw shooting tournament for the American Heart Association. Not only does Hoiberg have personal experience on his side, he was a world class shooter not too long ago. Fred's first round opponent is Keno Davis. If Hoiberg keeps winning, and he should, he could face Steve Alford, a guy who could also fill it up back in the day, and loves to compete. (Ben Jacobson and Greg McDermott are both in the bracket as well.)
  • Fran McCaffery--White Magic--is not. McCaffery did spend time in his media talk Wednesday saying how terrific Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were when they used his luxury box. McCaffery said they did nothing wrong, and simply posed for a few pictures with anyone who asked. Any story involving Hollywood celebrities gets blown out of proportion. This was no different. The story, first reported by The Shovel, the Des Moines Register's Tom Witosky, went international.
  • I'm watching more NBA than I have in years.
  • Happy birthday to the nicest man I know, my dad.
  • Derek Jeter will reportedly marry Minka Kelly next weekend. Sorry guys.
  • I'm proud of my colleagues at channel 13. I thought the election night coverage was the best I've seen. I also wonder why more people on opposite sides of the aisle can't have thoughtful, respectful, civil discourse like our political insiders, Mike Mahaffey and Jerry Crawford. They proved all night it doesn't have to be an angry yelling match. Bravo.

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