Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Bowling, Born Free, Black Friday

  • I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Mine could only have been better if my mom and sister were here with me. Well, I could add more names to that wish list, but all told, a blessed day. We had a breakfast fit for a king, overate so much we skipped lunch, and then had a dinner so delicious even the kids raved, and they're not easily impressed. All credit to my wife, Jenny. My dad ate his weight.
  • I  later earned my keep with solid football analysis from my manchair. First we watched the Patriots and Lions. The Patriots wore their throwbacks, so I instantly felt like a kid. Lions wore throwbacks too, but they're almost the same. Just a great game for uniforms. Uniforms are my only fashion care.
  • Tom Brady is in the zone. He put on a passing clinic against the Lions. There is no one alive throwing the football better.
  • Did you catch Kid Rock's performance at halftime? His Bob Seger sound-alike, Born Free, is a good song, and the entire God Bless America production was like something Ricky Stanzi would direct.
  • Next up, Saints at Cowboys. We watched this one from the bowling alley. Yes, a tradition like no other... bowling. We had a blast at Plaza Lanes while the Saints ran up a big lead on the resurgent Cowboys. By the time I finished my 260, the Cowboys were showing life. (And by 260, I mean two games.) Dallas nearly won its third straight, but a Roy Williams fumble opened the door, and Drew Brees passed right through it. Great game.
  • Jets-Bengals... couldn't see it. I have Mediacom. Mediacom, I'm barely hanging on. Need the NFL Network! I'm loyal because of MC22's devotion to local sports, but need that NFL Network! Sounds like the game was a dog anyway.
  • Cyclone women won in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Hawkeyes in Mexico. I'll bet it was warmer.
  • Andy Fales looked frozen at Jordan Creek Town Center. Wind chill of 10 and thousands of people are lined up for Black Friday doorbusters. That's nuts. I can never, ever see myself doing that. I realize some do it because they need the savings, and some turn it to sport, but I just don't get it.
  • My wife and I are going on a trip and needed a few overlooked items. Wal-Mart was open on Thanksgiving. Selfishly, I'm glad, it helped, but come on, give everybody the day off! Shoppers, including absentminded me, can wait.
  • Uh oh. I need to be up at 6 a.m., but Old School just came on HBO. I'm hooked.
  • I'm thankful you indulge me with these scatter-shot thoughts. Thank you for stopping by. Please be nice to Shawn and Chris. They're good guys.

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