Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bear Nap, Eastside Pride, Going Griswold

  • Sounds like it was a good night to NOT have the NFL Network. Even Bears fans saying the game at Miami was an absolutely snoozer, but it was a Bears win. Bears now 7-3. Could be the worst 7-3 team in memory, but they're a contender. Heavy lifting ahead. As Cutler goes, so go the Bears. Defense will do its part.
  • Major props to Eastside Pride. Four African-American honor roll students signing D1 basketball scholarships. Not surprising, the Scarlets are #1 in the first girls basketball poll.
  • I spent $650 on new tires today. Is there anything less exciting than spending that kind of cash on tires. No one notices, no one cares, but you have to have them. I felt the same about a new roof. That was much more expensive.
  • We had Iowa State's Scott Christopherson on the Murph & Andy Show. He was fun, and said he still hadn't missed a shot after going 11 for 11 against Drake. He knew that would change once he got back in the gym, unless he moved to Pleasantville and didn't know it. (The one in the movie, not Iowa.)
  • I've seen several of the Harry Potter movies for the kids, and while they were entertaining, I'm sure it's not the same if you haven't read the books, and I haven't. Never even considered it.
  • I just can't back Felix Hernandez winning the Cy Young award. It's not his fault his team was awful, but he was 13-12 and never pitched in pressure games. Again, not his fault, but numbers aren't everything.
  • We ate at Red on Ingersoll for the first time. Highly recommended. Nice place.
  • We shot our Christmas promo for the news team today. I got tangled in some lights like Clark Griswold. I hope that's left on the cutting room floor. I fear it won't be.


Anthill_Goddess said...

I know I'm a serious Bears fan when 1) I actually own a teddy bear made in Bears Logo (thanks, Mom!) and 2) thought it was a great game because we WON! LOL
That being said....we could, possibly BE the worst 7-3 team in history. They lost a game (or two) that SHOULD have been an easy win and some of the wins just weren't pretty AT ALL!!

*Skip to Harry Potter*
I read ALL of the books with my daughter (who was too young to read them without help when they came out) and have seen all of the movies up until now. I'm excited to see the 2-part ending and hope they stay loyal to the book. If they do, it should be amazing! (My daughter is curious if they do the "after-word" from the last book....she hopes so!)

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for Murph and Andy, keeping us Hawkeyes balanced in our thinking this week. I am interested, but too shy to ask, if the next Ferenz son will play ball for Iowa. Could you find out? I remember Saturday after Saturday, listening to the radio with the Iowa game. My poor daddy, enjoyed the 50's while in Iowa City, suffered through the '60's and 70's as a young married with daughters and was proud to be a Hawkeye for Hayden. We will carry on the tradition as we love King Kirk. I think your NFL expert is so right . . . embrace him and all who surround him. Good luck to our seniors, especially "Little Ricky." May my daddy in Heaven watch over the game tomorrow with pride and determination . . . always a proud Hawk.