Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vick Dazzles, Fennelly 500, Thanksgiving Rules

  • Michael Vick put on one of the all-time great shows on Monday Night Football. I'm not sure a quarterback has ever played a better all-around game. 4 TD passing, 2 running?! It's staggering how much better Vick has gotten in the pocket. He's now a pass first, run second guy, and he's doing both at the highest level. It was 28-0 Eagles at Washington after one quarter. I haven't forgotten the horrible things Vick did to dogs, but he did his time, and he's making the most of his second act. I'm not cheering Vick, but I am in awe of his talent.
  • Congratulations to Bill Fennelly on his 500th win. That's a number I wouldn't thought possible when Fennelly arrived at Iowa State, and the Cyclones didn't win or draw fans. I've said it many times, it's the most remarkable turnaround in women's basketball.
  • The quality of the video in Monday night's MC22 broadcast of the Drake vs ISU game was much improved. Props to Mediacom for working to fix the problem.
  • Hawkeye fans will feel a lot better if Iowa upsets Ohio State. The players must bounce back quicker than the fans have.
  • It's going to be a cold night at Jack Trice Stadium for the Cyclones and #15 Missouri. We'll find out who the real fans are.
  • Anyone see "Unstoppable"? Looks good to me.
  • I just ate an entire bag of chocolate pretzels even though I'm not hungry. Seriously, how good are those?
  • Can't wait for Thanksgiving. I love this holiday, and it moves up the charts as I get older.

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