Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unstoppable, Idiot, Thanksgiving

  • Saw "Unstoppable" with my dad. Great action movie. 90 minutes of runaway train. Two thumbs up from the Murphy boys. A-
  • The Hawkeyes have bounced back faster than their fans. They seemed fine at their weekly media interviews Tuesday. Lynn Melling said on the 9 p.m. news tonight, "The Hawkeyes could sleep on the field and still beat the Gophers." Lynn's from Minnesota.
  • I had a Nebraska fan call me out on twitter. Philip31972 says, "murphy your an idiot". The grammar police asked Philip to change it to, "Murphy, you're an idiot".
  • Joe Paterno turns 84 next month. He says he'll return for his 62nd season at Penn State. JoePa was coaching the Lions before they even realized they were playing football.
  • Doesn't Thanksgiving get better and more meaningful with age?


Not Philip31972 said...

Murph your an idiot. How can you give "Unstoppable" an A-? There are some great action sequences, but aside from that, the movie is one tired cliche. From the big bad corporate execs motivated only by profit to the co-workers and Hooters patrons watching the coverage on TV while cheering on our heroes, we've seen it all before. And once the train is stopped - all broken relationships are repaired! C'mon, Murph! I know you've watched enough movies to know better.

Keith Murphy said...


Everything you write is true, but I still enjoyed myself. It's been a bad year for action movies, so maybe I'm too generous. I also got to see it with my dad, which is a treat, so my mood was good going in.

All told, I like Unstoppable a lot.

The Idiot