Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dubious Debate and Donuts

I used the drive back from Kinnick tonight to debate (with myself) whether or not this is the most disappointing Iowa season, based on expectations, in my lifetime. The candidates are: 1997, 2005, or 2010. In '97 and '05, the Hawks began the season with Rose Bowl aspirations, but stumbled to 7-5 finishes, punctuated by losses in bowl games. At this point, '97 has the edge, but if this year's team fails to win at Minnesota or in the bowl game, it earns the dubious distinction.

I was stunned that Iowa State didn't fire a shot against Mizzou, especially considering what was on the line. The Tigers have upgraded their defense considerably, but there's no way ISU's offense should get shutout on Senior Night with bowl eligibility on the line.


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