Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Toss Moss, Demigate, HB Hype

  • What in the wide world of sports is going on in the Vikings front office? Trade a third round draft pick to New England for Randy Moss mid-season, then cut him? Moss is a strange guy, and it was surreal hearing him talk about the Patriots like an old girlfriend he suddenly appreciated, but whatever's ailing the Vikings, I doubt dumping Moss is the cure. It's just a dysfunctional mess. I keep thinking the Vikes will find a way to make the playoffs, but I'm starting to wonder.
  • Somewhere Bill Belichick is laughing a mad genius maniacal laugh.
  • Glad the NCAA did the right thing, which was nothing, over Demigate. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher didn't intend Iowa any harm by posing for pictures with recruits, but they did do something unthinkable for years: put Iowa basketball on the national media radar. The story was everywhere, which ironically, does end up helping recruiting.
  • Ames' Harrison Barnes is the first ever Freshman named to the AP pre-season All-America team. Think about that... he hasn't played a minute of college ball, and he's already considered one of the five best players in America. No wonder Cyclone fans wanted to believe so badly he'd pick Iowa State.
  • The Giants are World Series champions. The Giants!? Meantime, Cubs fans wait. And wait. And wait...
  • Monday, my son Cade and I went to U of I Hospitals & Clinics and had a great day. We celebrated the only way you should when you're in Iowa City and feeling good: a trip to Steak n Shake!

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