Saturday, November 06, 2010

You Make The Call

I loved the call. To quote Herm Edwards, "You play to win the game!" and I love that mentality. That fact that Daniel Kuehl's pass fell incomplete doesn't change my opinion of Paul Rhoads' decision to go for two.
90 percent of the SoundOFF email we've received in the hours since the game share the same opinion of the call. And the 10 percent that disagree with the call admit they didn't like it only because it didn't work.
A week ago I praised Ricky Stanzi's prowess, so it's only fair to point out that Stanzi didn't play very well at Indiana. His final numbers weren't too shabby, but I thought the Rickster missed several throws in the red zone, which forced Iowa to settle for field goals. I should point out that Stanzi was clutch at crunch time, as he has been in most games throughout his career.
Can you imagine the meltdown Hawkeye nation would be experiencing had DeMario Belcher hung on to that last-second pass? Had Belcher made the catch, I'd would have received 40 angry Ken O'Keefe-related emails since the end of the game... As it turns out, I've only received one. It just goes to show how a close win vs. a close loss leaves people with wildly different perspectives. It had felt like karma wasn't on Iowa's side all season, until Belcher's drop.
The League is my favorite show on TV right now. The quirky humor is akin to Seinfeld, albeit cruder. And the backdrop is a group of guys in a fantasy football league, as opposed to a coffee shop.
Pearl Jam rocks.

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